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The Good That President Bush Didn’t Even Know He Was Doing

Allow me to preface this with an apology for the language, but I feel it’s unobtrusive and necessary. Carry on.

Once, this powerful leader started a war on false pretenses, got funding for that war under false pretenses, took, with force, the leader of another country on these false pretenses, and then sent him back to be murdered, all based on these false pretenses (Not to mention out-right lies). The tactics used by this leader were heavily based on controlling the media and making sure they told each and every citizen that their very lives were in danger should they not follow along. defines terrorist as “a radical who employs terror as a political weapon.” Using my supreme reasoning skills, I think it could be very possible to say that Bush is a terrorist and that he should be treated accordingly.

From early 1993 to 2000 I lived in San Antonio, Texas, so I’ve had just about 15 years of Bush representing me to the world. Shitty. The man has, with the help of his administration, attempted to do what basically every wartime administration has done in the past. President Bush’s penultimate goal is that of uniting the nation against a common enemy, this time dubbed ‘terrorism’.

Terrorism, however, is not a centralized enemy, it has no national borders (Vietnam, Japan, Germany — all actual nations). There’s no terrorist ‘representative’ to surrender symbolically for ‘terrorists’ as a whole. I’m definitely not the first person to say you can’t have a war on an idea or the first person to call Bush a terrorist, but I may be the first to say that Bush’s fighting of invisible ninjas (see: mosh pit of any screamo/speedmetal concert) may have directed the nation toward his goal, but in a convoluted variation rather than quite as intended.

In trying to unite the nation against a generic enemy called ‘terrorists’, the nation is, albeit slowly, uniting against Bush and his cohorts. Common sense tells us that you can’t defeat an idea. Common sense also tells us that if “we the people” are responsible for literally giving our representatives a job, we also should have the power to revoke it, should the person be unable to fulfill the duties required in said position. Voters are, quite literally, the employers of the house of representatives, senate, and president.

Forget that the government has the ability to control “the most awesome goddamn tube in the universe” (Network (1976); referring to television) and think about it as if you were their boss. I would’ve fired the whole gang years ago.

The country has been divided for many years, and voter turnout is pathetic when compared to other voting nations. Perhaps the unity that forms within the people of the nation against this administration is exactly the unity that is required of us to turn around and return to prosperity.

Many people say “it’s too late to impeach”, “it won’t do any good”, or “he’s almost done”. No. We have a responsibility as a nation to hold him — as well as the people in his administration that aided him in this destruction of our nation over the past 8 years — accountable for their actions.

Impeaching him would allow us to take away his pension, as well as any other post-presidential benefits he may be entitled to. He doesn’t deserve it, so we should take as much of the administration’s money out of their future hands and put it back into the taxpayer pool. This war (Doesn’t the president get to take the troops out of the nation without a declaration of war from congress for only 60 days anyway? I digress.) is expected to cost American tax payers $3 Trillion dollars (Washington Post 03/08), so don’t you think the guys responsible for it should pay the most? I do. In a nation based on democracy and equal rights, (Well, technically that also hasn’t existed since our dick-wagon forefathers created the three-fifths compromise and brought electoral colleges into the system) after Bush is out of office, as well as before he took it, my vote is worth just as much as his. I shouldn’t have to pay for a war that I’ve been against from the start — especially if I wasn’t profiting from it, unlike most members of the current administration.

After leaving office, “Mr. Bush will receive an annual pension of $186,000, travel funds, mailing privileges, Secret Service protection, office space, staff, stationery and transition expenses.” ( 09/07)

Unlike Clinton, who thus far has ended up “making at least $40 million in speaking fees since leaving the White House in 2001″( 09/07), after leaving office I don’t believe that George Bush will be asked to speak in public too often. Without speech writers and language coaches, I’m willing to bet the words that exit his mouth aren’t worth the air it took to produce them.

Here’s a quick idea of the sheer number of articles related to Bush’s impeachment; and astonishingly enough Kucinich is only in a fraction of the articles (I figured he’d be the only reason mainstream media would even dare touch the subject) with the exception of, most of theirs were about Kucinich.

(e.g. Google Search: “ president bush impeach -kucinich“)

Kucinich originally compiled 35 articles of impeachment against Bush including “Creating a secret propaganda campaign”, “Illegally Misspending Funds”, “Reckless Misspending and Waste of U.S. Tax Dollars”, and many many more, but later condensed it all down into one article. The new, single article of impeachment (full text on site) is titled, “ARTICLE ONE: DECEIVING CONGRESS WITH FABRICATED THREATS OF IRAQ WMDs TO FRAUDULENTLY OBTAIN SUPPORT FOR AN AUTHORIZATION OF THE USE OF MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAQ.”

Huge balls for such a little dude.

Let’s unite, let’s work together, and even if he never get’s impeached let’s take this country back toward it’s roots of democracy and accountability.

If O’Reilly were here, he’d tell you to DO IT LIVE!, over a million votes already.

24. July 2008 by Mike
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